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Flood & Water Damage

If you're reading this you've had an emergency which has caused damage to your home or office.

24/7 - We Are There For You

Never fear, Philadelphia Carpet Cleaners offers a 24hr, 7 days a week emergency water, fire damage and flood repair service. Philadelphia technicians swiftly respond to any water loss situations, flooding, fire and smoke clean-up and are trained in restoring estates domestic or commercial after damage.

Our technicians professionally assess the damage caused by smoke, soot, leaking or broken pipes, faucets, overflowing toilets, water supply lines and pipes and flooding informing you of the procedures to be taken in the clean up and restoration of your floors, walls and carpets.

Our Philadelphia Carpet Cleaners technicians are trained in leading technological equipment designed to extract water from your carpet and upholstery more effectively and efficiently. The technicians will use air movers, dehumidifiers and mold/mildew/odor counter agents to counter-act the water damage.

Risking Your Health

In addition they will apply a special formulated drying agent which will remove any water residue and sanitize the previously damaged area thus avoiding any risk of contamination. Inadequate cleaning of water damage could lead to larger problems, as mold and mildew aren't only a smelly bi-product of wet carpeting or flooring but they are dangerous to your health.

As there are many damaging side effects from indoor mildew contamination like skin rashes, nausea, and mucous membrane irritation, acute or chronic liver damage, and immune system suppression, acute or chronic damage to the central nervous system, cancer and endocrine effects.

Contact our experts if you spot any mildew growing on your carpeting or upholstery and our technicians will come immediately to resolve your mildew problems.

Don't Let It Stand

Flood victims receive major damage to their home and their health, from stagnant water which breeds bacteria and harmful microorganisms. Flood waters that derived from lakes, rivers, ponds or non flowing water hosts viruses, molds, bacteria and sewage, all dangerous to your health and home.

Flood water removal from your home is often inadequate as the receding waters leave behind a residue which contains the same bacteria, viruses and molds. This residue floats in the air of your home cleaning so when you inhale, you increase your risk of lung disease and other infections.

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Our trained technicians will expertly clean up the flood waters, and thoroughly sterilize all areas that were affected by flood, looking after your health and home.

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