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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning for Offices & Industrial spaces

Commercial carpet cleaning will boost the overall image of your office space and enhance your companies' profile whilst creating a healthier and cleaner work environment.

The working environment from everyday foot traffic, on carpets and upholstery, accumulate pollutants in the air and contribute to allergies, headaches and other health problems within the work place.

Expert Care that Makes the Difference

The expert technicians at Philadelphia Carpet Cleaners will perform a comprehensive analysis of your settings and provide a cost effective, professional program that will maintain as well as target carpet spots and stains as well as those high traffic areas including your office upholstery eliminating any pollutants.

Just for thought but if your household carpet has less than ten people a day walking on it and the wear and tear in a private home is gradual, imagine your office carpeting/ flooring?

Greater Wear & Tear

Commercial premises like an office, hotel, school sees hundreds, if not thousands, of feet a day walking the same route, producing a greater quantity of wear and tear as well as soiling.

The majority of commercial businesses have cleaning services but when it comes to carpet cleaning, vacuuming only removes the top layer of dirt, grime, dust mites and mildew.

Did you also know that commercial modular furniture, fabric chairs, partitions, screens, panels and mattresses are often wiped over and not given the thorough clean they need to remove the daily build up that occurs within an active environment?

Caring for All Needs

At Philadelphia Carpet Cleaners our motto is that no commercial job is too hard or too big for our technicians.

Our technicians service some of the largest and most successful hotels, businesses, medical facilities and other important companies.

Call us at Philadelphia Carpet Cleaners and arrange an appointment, and allow us to help you clean up your work space and create a healthier, brighter environment.

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